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Michael and Anthony are two extremely capable and responsible programmers that deliver work on time and in a friendly manner. Their ability to take on both analytical and creative responsibilities and effectively communicate with team members with different skillsets is one of their biggest strengths.They can be counted on to work interdependently to finish projects correctly, efficiently and according to instructions for a variety of development work including website development, email marketing and mobile commerce. Both team members bring valuable insight to the table to improve work in development and exceed expectation for the final product. We rely on both members to enhance the strength of our creative team and give us valuable suggestions that change plans and designs for the better and they deliver.

Jenna Daunais, Director- Direct to Consumer Marketing, Tata Harper Skincare

Reignite Group did excellent work on my website. They recommended a backend move and it ended up being what the site really needed to function with ease. They always had prompt communication and were very professional. Recommended!

Joshua Stalets, Owner, FindMeFun.com

Reignite Group diligently spearheaded a major CMS integration for several of our high-traffic websites. Their tenacity in sticking with a project until it is completed has enabled them to overcome obstacles that could have derailed the project.

Robert Staddon, Director of IT, Institute in Basic Life Principles

The Reignite Group Model

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We’ll help you discover if the message you are communicating is consistent with your brand’s goals and if your graphical assets in print and on the web are consistent with your messaging. We’ll work with you to rework your marketing calendar to improve your brand positioning. Our creative team will work with you to build and schedule new promotions that put your brand in front of more people, capture and keep the attention of potential customers, and lead them directly into your sales funnel.


Your sales funnel starts the minute a visitor hits your website – before, even. We’ll work together to make sure there’s a clear, easy sequence of steps for visitors to follow – moving them easily from visitor, to newsletter subscriber, to purchasing a product, to repeat customer… to lifelong fan. This process will help determine exactly how much a lead is worth to you – the more a lead is worth to you, the more money you can spend to generate new leads. And when you can spend more money on leads than your competitors, you’ve won.


Meet the two types of traffic: organic and paid. We’ll determine what percentage of each type you need, and how to get the best results either way. Your foundation will be valuable content, produced in different formats (text, audio, video) for different channels (blog, YouTube, Facebook, live event). Once you get the click back to your website, the cycle repeats – your messaging, branding, and sales funnel will determine whether that click results in a buy or a bounce.

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